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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Minister Advocates Organic Farming

Patna: September 24, 2009

State Agriculture Minister Renu Kushwaha, at an awareness program organized by the Insecticides (India) Ltd. at Hotel Maurya in Patna on Thursday said that Bihar could not expect to develop by ignoring the farming sector of the state and overlooking the interests of the farmers.
Kushwaha said that the state government was preparing an agricultural road map that would offer ways and means to increase productivity from the early stage of sowing seeds to the distribution of farm produce using state of the art warehousing and transportation facilities.
The minister thanked Insecticides Ltd and other private companies for offering products like insecticides, and irrigation and farming tools, that, she said, helped farmers raise their agricultural productivity at the fraction of a cost while giving them a chance to maximize their profits.
The Agriculture minister also stressed the need for expansion in organic farming saying over use of chemical and fertilizers eventually kill the fertility of the land, as is the case in Punjab and Haryana.


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